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We develop interactive websites, create super fast android and iOS apps and integrate AI into your business. We utilize data at its best and help machines to make decisions.

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What we do ?

We are providing the following wide range of services for your business.

Machine Learning Solutions

We have an expert machine learning R&D team to develop any custom machine learning solution for your business.

Computer Vision

We are working with state of the art computer vision models to design and develop cutting edge vision analytics solutions.

NLP & Chatbots

We are developing chatbot and NLP based solutions for e-commerce, real-estate, and medical domain.

Web Development

We have a talented web development team working in MERN, MEAN and Django stack.

App Development

We deliver quality android and iOS apps using Flutter. We design Lightning fast, and interactive UIs for your app.

Cyber Security

Our cyber-sec team is world class with experienced ethical hackers (recognized by Google, Facebook, etc.) to ensure high level of security in our applications.

Meet the future

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Welcome to the world of imagination and technologies. Welcome to Brainekt.

We are exploring the most recent and cutting-edge technologies of this very dynamic world. Working on projects related to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science alongside a very skilled web and app development team.

Along with cutting-edge domains, we have multiple dedicated teams for the most necessary and popular technologies like Web and App development. We develop user-friendly and very interactive websites and super fast Apps for our clients.

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Key Features

Start working with Brainekt that can that can be your onestop technical support.

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We are offering One hour of free consultations on technical approaches and guidances for your business!

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